• Test and Sustainment Services

    Test pilots and maintenance personnel supporting institutional aircrew training at US Air Force and US Army bases and facilities. Test pilots, sensor operators, aircraft maintenance, and simulation technicians perform a variety of mission-critical services supporting MQ-9, AH-64, CH-47, C-12, and associated training and maintenance equipment in locations CONUS and overseas.

  • Logistics and Repair Support

    Logistics personnel deliver a range of unit and depot maintenance support services for US and allied forces including warehouse operations, equipment repair, inventory control, and facilities sustainment. Services include the development of specialized skills and tools appropriate to unique system troubleshooting and repair without the aid of original manufacturer technical specifications or sustainment guidelines.

  • UAS Operations and Field Services

    Pilots and sustainment staff providing UAS services to clients in the Continental United States and abroad, delivering Contractor-Owned/Contractor-Operated capabilities as required. Supporting pilots and staff provide reconnaissance, surveillance, and critical mission operations information on a twenty-four-hour basis through secure video, text, voice, or other media appropriate to the operations environment and mission task. Supported UAS capabilities include the Aerosonde, Arcturus, Shadow, Hunter, Raven, and Puma with a strong capacity to incorporate and apply additional systems and flight applications quickly.

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